Potato Protein + Plus (Economy)

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Potato Protein, Mycelium
400 Grams
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The Economy Size of Potato Protein + Plus is the ideal size for you to sample a product for use in replacing egg albumin for cooked applications and is unique in that it contains no bad/bitter or undesired flavors. This unique Economy Size is a Vegan Plant Based Potato Protein powder from the Netherlands and Mycelium (or mushroom root) from the Himalayas. This organically grown protein that is extracted from Potatoes has many uses in replacing Egg Whites.

Potato Protein + Plus has all the benefits of PotatoWhip made by SOSA without the unpleasant flavor

  • Potato Protein +Plus has similar properties to egg white albumin powder.
  • It will create a foaming and rising effect, and can also be used as an emulsifier and coagulant.
  • Perfect for making plant-based recipes such as cookies, sponge cakes, meringue, plant-based burger patties and meat analogues.


  • Dose: use in a 5-10% solution mixed with water (5-10g product +90-95g water)
  • Freezability:Yes
  • Thermo-reversibility: Irreversible
  • Origin: Natural
  • Base type: Aqueous Liquids like Water, or Plant Based Milks
  • Preparation: Hot and Cold
  • Does not contain unusual Potato Protein flavors

This product has the same functions of PotatoWhip product by SOSA but DOES NOT have a bad flavor.

SOSA product called PotatoWhip is is known for having a bad flavor. The bad after taste of potato protein can be described as bitter, sour, or astringent. "It taste like fish". It may also have a metallic or chemical-like flavor, and may leave a lingering or unpleasant sensation in the mouth. Some people may also experience a dry or chalky mouthfeel after consuming Potato Whip, which can contribute to the overall unpleasantness of the experience. It is not considered to be a pleasant or enjoyable experience.


The Potato Protein + Plus comes packaged each 400 Gram bag in Fedex rugged small box.


Has a product lifetime of up to 2-3 years

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  • 5
    Simple, Low Cost, Fantastic

    Posted by Jennifer on 20th Apr 2023

    Finally a low cost and great version of potato protein!

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