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Vegan SEAFOOD Seasoning (100% Plant Based)

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Kombu, Wakame Seaweed, Codium Fragile Seaweed
May contain traces of Shellfish or Crustaceans
100 grams

Vegan SEAFOOD is a dry powdered Vegan seasoning mix that combines an array of spices and natural ingredients to help chefs evoke the feeling that you are eating seafood.  The mixture can be used add intensity of flavor to conventional dishes or can be used in Vegan cuisine.  


  • Use SEAFOOD to sprinkle on plant based vegan pizzas for Vegan "Anchovy" pizza
  • Mix with oil to make a Vegan Caesar salad dressing or spread on toast to replace Anchovette.
  • Press and extract water from Tofu and then use Seafood to create marinade that absorbs back into the tofu for seafood alternatives

FREE FROM THAT: Mix contains No Crustaceans, No Fish, No Shell Fish. Acceptable for religions that cannot eat scaled fish or moluscs. Ideal for people with Fish or Shellfish allergies.

INGREDIENTS: Kombu, Wakame Seaweed, Codium Fragile Seaweed

SEAFOOD is mixed at an Ecological Certified facility in Mallorca Island Spain and uses seaweeds from a reputable harvester in Spain approved by the Spanish government.