We have been offering and making a replacement for Egg Whites to make Plant Based Macarons for over 5 years. This plant based solution is called GERBET. We named it GERBET in honor of Claude Gerbet the baker that also claims to have invented it. >>Learn More The most notable manufacturer of Macarons in the world is LADUREE from Paris France. They offer standard and Vegan Macarons.  We have been told by students at our cooking academy Vegan Gastronomy and professionals alike that GERBET works in almost any location of the world - maybe in France, or high humidity Mallorca Spain, or rough weather in Alaska, or cold weather in Switzerland, or popular bakers in USA, to remote bakers in Australia. We do not make Macarons, we teach people to make Macarons either ONLINE-SEE COURSE or IN PERSON at our academy in Greece.