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Potato Protein Starter kit consists of one (1) of each of our products to give you a chance to try out each one and see what one you like.

Kit includes Potato Protein 300, GERBET, PANACEGG, and Potato Protein + Plus. This is what is included in this sample kit:

  • 1 bag of Potato Protein 300 what weighs 40 grams. This is the highest grade potato protein and is used for refined applications that replace the need or egg whites. Applications are meringue, mayonaisse and other emulsion sauces. This product can be used raw or cooked. This product was developed by AVEBE in Europe and is typically only sold to large production level food companies.
  • 1 bag of GERBET Potato Protein mix that weights 60 Grams and is designed specifically for making Parisian Macarons and has been used by the world's leading manufacturers of Macarons including the world's largest company Laduree. Includes 1 bag of 60 grams of GERBET which you can use to make a batch or two of plant based Macarons. Our partner company Vegan Gastronomy teaches people globally in person or online to make this delicate French pastry which is considered to be the most difficult pastry to bake. This mixture called GERBET was named after the French chef who made the first French Macaron.
  • 1 bag of PANACEGG Potato Protein mix that weighs 400 Grams that is designed to replace a whole egg in baking applications. The product is mixed with various other plant based ingredients and is designed to fullfill the needs of chefs attempting to make a plant based cake or dessert that matches all the functions of a whole egg. This is an a 400 Gram bag because we find that this is our most used product in baked cakes and cooked pastry applications. We also sell this in 10KG (22lb) bags or wholesale in 30KG or 3 boxes. This product is used by professional kitchens all over the world.
  • 1 bag of Potato Protein + Plus which is a combination of an early version of Potato Protein which was called Potato Protein that weighs 100 Grams and is a mix of Potato Protein 200 and it is combined with a trace amount of strong flavor reducing Mycelium mushroom root. Potato Protein 200 was the first volume production type product but its harsh flavor was a turn off to some large food companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger, so we improved the flavor in the mixture without increasing the cost. This product is offered in a 100 Gram bag but it is typically sold in 400 Gram size. This product is to be used for cooked applications like cake or burgers.

So this kit includes 4 bags of the 4 types of plant based egg products that we developed for plant based eggs that were for specific applications. We used to offer a 5th type which was called GLORIA which was a Potato Protein mix product that was designed to replace eggs for scrambles or omelets. But we discontinued this product during COVID 19 as one of the ingredients came from China and we suffered delivery issues.