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Specialty Ingredient Pack for ONLINE 1 Year Training Program with Vegan Gastronomy

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Comprehensive list of specialty products for Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy 1 year ONLINE training program.  Typically takes 2-4 Weeks from time of shipment to your country.

SAVORY Yeast Extract (Vegan) - Meaty Flavor 300g €20
XCHEDAR Yeast Extract (Vegan) - Cheezy Flavor 250g €20
DAIRY (Whole Yeast) - Dairy Flavor 150g €10
EGG Seasoning (Kalanamak Salt) 150g €10
Vegan OMELET Mix 60g €5
TORULA Umami Yeast 100g €10
POTATO PROTEIN 200 250g €20
POTATO PROTEIN 300 250g €20
SPREAD Cheese Texture with Potato Protein 400g €15
MELT Cheese Texture with Potato Protein 750g €20
GUAR GUM 50g €10
KAPPA Firm Gel Seaweed Texture 100g €10
IOTA Fluffy Seaweed Texture 100g €10
Carob Bean Gum/Locust Powder 100g €10
Cellulose (Methyl type) 50g €10
Cheddar Cheese Aroma 58ml €10
Chevre/Goat Cheese Aroma 58ml €15
Bleu Cheese Aroma 58ml €10
Roasted Hazelnut Aroma 58ml €10
Peanut Aroma (Peanut Free) 58ml €20
Salted Butter Aroma 58ml €10
  Standard Total Price 285