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Powder will serve making up to 30 cheeses
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Vegan CHEDDAR cheese aroma was developed to serve a variety of applications including vegan and plant based cheeses. This aroma brings a new dimension to your artisanal creations. The product serves as a taste enhancer.
Drop dispenser bottle. See our use instructions and guide measures below.

  • Category: Aroma Flavoring
  • Capacity: Bag of 60grams

Praised by professional chefs this aroma will help you bring extra creativity to your preparations, while saving precious time.

Guide measure: between 0.1 and 1% of the total weight of the preparation (between 1 and 10 grams per kg).
These aromas are 'high strength', so only a few grams are necessary.  Some cooks proceed by instinct, as they would season a preparation. Pour a few grams of flavouring, then taste and rectify if needed. You can also follow the guidelines below: The average amount recommended is 0.5% (5 grams per kg or 5 ml per litre of preparation). 

NOTE:  When baking or cooking: you will need to use more aroma powder, according to the cooking time and intensity. For instance, for a cooked vegan cheese that needs to be heated to kill bacteria cultures or to activate setting components, the amount of powder should be doubled.