Vegan PEANUT Aroma (Peanut-FREE)

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Bottle will serve making up to 100 cheeses

Vegan PEANUT aroma was developed to serve a variety of allergy-free applications where people are allergic to nuts. This aroma brings a new dimension to your artisanal and allergy-free creations of Peanut Red Curries, or Peanut Butter and Chocolate desserts... all 100% Peanut Free!


  • Does NOT Contain Peanuts or any type of Tree Nut
  • Water, acacia gum, flavouring preparations derived from Vegan plant based sources, vegetable oil, fatty acids, triglycerides, preservatives E211

Drop dispenser bottle. See our use instructions and guide measures below.

  • Category: Aroma Flavoring
  • Capacity: Bottle of 58ml

Praised by professional chefs this aroma will help you bring extra creativity to your allergy-free preparations, while saving precious time trying to replicate the fantastic flavor of peanuts.


Guide measure: between 0.1 and 1% of the total weight of the preparation (between 1 and 10 grams per kg).
These aromas are 'high strength', so only a few drops are necessary.  Some cooks proceed by instinct, as they would season a preparation. Pour a few drops of flavouring, then taste and rectify if needed. You can also follow the guidelines below: The average amount recommended is 0.5% (5 grams per kg or 5 ml per litre of preparation). 

NOTE:  When baking or cooking: you will need to use more drops of aroma, according to the cooking time and intensity. For instance, for a cooked vegan cheese that needs to be heated to kill bacteria cultures or to activate setting components, the number of drops should be doubled.

Due to rules and regulations on shipping liquids to the USA, we are unable to honor any orders coming from USA customers. We will simply contact you and issue you a refund for both the product and the shipping associated with your order. We are so sorry for this inconvenience.

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