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GERBET is the name of our plant based egg white replacer. It is a proprietary dry powdered product mix that has been developed by Vegan Gastronomy to enable anyone to become a master Macaron pastry chef. You simply mix this powdered product with Water and then use it as a replacement for Egg Whites.

The #GERBET mix product includes Potato Protein, a proprietary and specially developed Plant Fiber. This new proprietary plant based mixture was developed together with some of the world's leading ingredient companies to develop consistent solutions every time. The mix develops perfect "feet", develops fluffy interiors, and reduces drying time - making it the perfect solution for egg-free vegan macarons. 

The product was named after GERBET, the French man who is recognized as developing the first "Parisian Macarons" from Paris. 

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Potato Protein, Plant Cellulose, Xanthan Gum
Replaces Egg White for Macarons
6 X 60 Gram Bags or 360 Grams
170 Egg-whites (28 per bag)
World leading Macaron company Laduree

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Deep on 7th Apr 2023

Love the results I get from this amazing products !!! I am to make vegan macaroons with ease

Very pleased with Gerbet egg replacer. Making vegan macarons with this produkt is working perfectly!

Nathalie Bianca Caecilia Boxtart on 23rd Oct 2022

Remember to use clean and completely vet (grease)free tools, that is a 'no go' while making macarons.


Deepa p on 18th Feb 2022

I was watching many videos on how to make marcoons without eggs and I was terrified by it as they say marcoons are hard to make and need a lot of patience! However after my 3 attempt I was successful with mine. I hate the smell of eggs and using Gerbet has made my heart dance with joy as the result is just the same as using eggs!!❤️ Chef Jessica, was very helpful in my process of learning... So excited to become a pro in vegan marcoons!!! Thank you for making Gerbet!!! Deepa

Vegan Macarons Made Easy

Lui on 5th Jan 2022

I'm so thankful for this product! As a non-chef, I am now able to make my own vegan macarons since it's an extremely rare find where I am. The instructions were simple and easy to follow. Give it a go for sure!


Nuala Mukadam on 22nd Nov 2021

Perfect replacement for eggs in vegan Macrons

Gerbet as Egg White Substitute for Macarons

Jonathan Aviv on 6th Jun 2021

I am blown away by how incredible this product is. I managed to make vegan macarons with it and they came out flawlessly. I had previously experienced many headaches trying to use the leading vegan macaron methods using aquafaba, and this product is superior in every way. My shells came out of the oven with the perfect look and texture. I am a very, very happy customer and I recommend this to anyone making vegan pastries and desserts.

I have tried to make vegan makarons for several years. Used aquafabe and never was a real succes. Today I used your pro duct and it's amazing! Very pleased!

Nathalie Boxtart on 23rd Apr 2021

The comment I wrote above was from 1 year ago. Nowadays I use this product also when I make the non-vegan makarons. Works better than eggwhite. If you would like, take a look at my website. Allaround.no.


Raman on 31st Mar 2021

I absolutely love this. I’m from Australia. Used for the first time and I nailed the vegan macarons. It’s amazing and worth the money.